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Stonehouse Lubricants and Supplies
Suppliers of Millers Specialist Motorsport and Classic range

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Welcome to Stonehouse Lubricants

Stonehouse Lubricants can supply a complete range of lubricants and other associated products, which enable the vintage and classic vehicle and motorcycle owner to select the ideal product for their vehicle.

Similarly the motor sport competitor is supported with the extensive range of products to suit every application for both two and four-wheeled motor sport.

Modern lubricants are formulated for modern engine designs. These have different requirements to classic and vintage vehicles as they are specified at lower and lower viscosities. These are less suitable for older vehicles.

Millers classic lubricant range combine modern additive technology in period formulations to provide the appropriate product for the classic and vintage market.

Millers is maintaining a reputation for continuously improving the performance of its competition lubricants. These formulations have been tested and proven in race conditions prior to their launch and are increasingly becoming the first choice for the serious competitor.

Millers fuel treatments enable the use of un-leaded fuel without the risk of valve seat recession and detonation. Products such as CVL and CVL Turbo provide the additional benefits of higher octane.